Van Norden is a serial collaborator, and revels in the delicious irony of converting folk songs into electronic dance music! How perfect. Dance music IS folk music...

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EDM Sauce:

“Van Norden is clearly crafting something truly special. With lush production and a strangely epic quality to the music, and lyrics with a few layers of complexity. Love At First Sight is a beautiful tune ... Van Norden is crafting tunes at the absolute highest level, truly EDM for the thinking man.”

Guardian LV: by Layla Klamt, December 4, 2015

“This guitarist and songwriter has showed his readiness to branch out in recent years, but few in the folk world could have predicted his move to pop-driven EDM and house. With his very first single, Love at First Sight, this new producer has shown his electronic chops with no mistaking”.

Neon Vision: by Brandon Stuhr, November 17, 2015

“Van Norden could easily be a new master of EDM. While he normally hails from our neighbors in the Great White North, Norden is much more an LA folk star at heart. You can hear this in the radio edit of “Love At First Sight”, as hidden among all of the delicious electronic beats is a cautious yet well crafted acoustic guitar. You just have to listen for it.”

HOF: by David Geraci, October 21st, 2015

“Yes it’s possible to wear different hats, and Van Norden brazenly does so.”